The Bothy – Glasgow
We love weddings in all of their glorious forms. From the biggest, massive-est celebrations to the teeniest tiniest of nuptials. Sarah and Roger planned their big day on the smaller end of the scale and it was awesome!

They decided to eschew the traditional all-day format in exchange for an evening ceremony and celebration. It didn’t stop there, they decided to throw even more traditions out of the proverbial window, they even saw each other before the ceremony (gasp).

So the evening started outside the Bothy as Roger greeted his and Sarah’s nearest and dearest and enjoyed some time in the garden area with a wee glass of fizz. Sarah, quite rightly, wanted some of that sweet garden and champagne action so she came along shortly before the ceremony to join in the festivities.

Soon enough all the wedding guests were ushered upstairs to take their seats for the ceremony. Which gave me some time with Sarah and Roger to do a quick little tour of the cobbled streets around Ruthven lane to get some awesome wedding photos before they tied the knot. It was definitely a rare treat to have time with the couple before the wedding ceremony.

The ceremony itself was conducted by humanist (and most importantly Roger and Sarah’s friend) Victoria, so it’s safe to say it was definitely a relaxed and personal affair with the couple at the heart of it.

Before dinner, there was a little more time to head outside to enjoy the weather and another glass of the fizzy stuff. It’s also the best time to do the traditional family group photos so we made sure to get them done.

All that was left was the speeches and again, breaking with tradition, we heard from quite a few of the guests. One thing that was clear as an outsider to the group is that there was a whole lot of love in the room for Roger and Sarah and having spent even a short while with them it’s clear to see why.

Thanks so much for having me along guys, I had a really great evening and loved creating these photos for you 🙂

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