Our Approach

“We love to tell stories with our pictures, and every wedding day is full of them.”

People say they hardly knew we were there, and that makes us happy photographers. We prefer to blend in to the scenery, telling the story of your day in the most natural way possible. Real people with real emotions, that’s what we like.

We also like to dedicate a wee bit of time to photographing just the two of you alone. This time is ideal for you to enjoy a bit of calm together, and it allows us to capture some truly stunning photos of you as a newly married couple.

Your Investment

All we care about is getting the best pictures we can for you. We average about 12 hours for each wedding, often more. It’s a long day but we wouldn’t swap it for the world.

Our pricing is really simple and comes with everything you need and nothing sneaky or hidden. You’re free to use your pictures throughout your life and to share them with whomever you choose, just as it should be.

Depending on your requirements you will receive:

  • Both Ewan and Chris for your full day – from the morning’s preparations till the party’s well underway
  • Unlimited photographs
  • Feature mini-movie combining video clips and pictures
  • A beautiful personalised USB folio in a range of snazzy finishes
  • Full-size photos with no watermarks
  • Password protected online gallery
  • Thank-you postcards to send to all your awesome guests
  • Ewan or Chris for your full day – from the morning’s preparations till the party’s well underway
  • Unlimited photographs
  • A beautiful personalised USB folio in a range of snazzy finishes
  • Full-size photos with no watermarks
  • Password protected online gallery
  • Thank-you postcards to send to all your awesome guests

We also have a fantastic range of albums, which you can have a look at below or see them in person over a nice coffee :)

To check our availability for the big day, and to get an individual quote please fill in the form below and we’ll get right back to you.


“We can’t think of a better way to show off your wedding photos other than displaying them in one of our gorgeous wedding albums.”


Our Vintage Linen album comes with both of your names on the front cover – understated but very stylish.

Underneath the beautiful linen cover are real photographically printed pages mounted on rigid board. This makes them durable and allows larger photos to be printed over two pages.

It also comes with its own beautiful hand crafted, matching linen presentation box.

The Leatherette is the latest addition to our collection of albums. It comes in a range of super snazzy colours and with your names on the front cover.

As with all of our albums, they feature real photographically printed pages mounted on rigid board, each one hand designed by us, for you.

It also comes with its own hand crafted, matching leatherette presentation box.

Our Elements Storybook album features a wrap-around photo cover for that immediate wow factor.

The photos inside are printed on photographic paper and mounted on rigid board, giving durability and scope for full double-spread images.

Not only that, but the album comes with its own timber-framed presentation box featuring a wrap-around photo cover – keeping your album snug and safe whilst still looking fantastic.

The Acrylic Storybook is certainly our largest album at a rather sizeable 16″x12″.

It retains the same fantastic print quality as all of our other albums, and is printed on photographic paper and board-mounted. It comes with a black leatherette back cover which wraps around the spine to the front cover which features your favourite photo overlaid with a sheet of high-grade acrylic. This gives the album a real high-quality sheen – it really is something to behold!

It comes with its very own personalised timber-framed presentation box. The box is the same as the album with the leatherette backing and the shiny acrylic cover.

Albums  of

Our Parent album range has been selected to perfectly complement your main album.

They are available in a range of finishes – Leatherette, Storybook, Vintage Linen, and Crystal.

Each album is individually designed, so each set of parents can choose their favourite photos from your day.

Needless to say they are the same outstanding quality as our bigger albums, with full page photographs bound onto a rigid board backing. They’re just a wee bit smaller at 6″x6″ or 8″x8″.


“Of course, we give you all of your photos on a disc to print and share as you choose - but nothing beats inviting your friends and family round to show off your album for the first time, or even just getting your album out time and again over the years to reminisce about how great your wedding day was.”

Pre-Wedding Shoot

“What exactly is a pre-wedding shoot?” I hear you ask.

Good question. It’s basically whatever you want to make of it! We’ve had couples who’ve recreated their first date, gone for a stroll in their favourite park, or gone back to where they got engaged (we’re still holding out for an invite to Dubai or Vegas though – now that would be cool!)

We often hear from couples things like: “We don’t like getting our photo taken”, “I don’t look good in pictures” and “We don’t have any good photos of the two of us together”. We understand that having your photo taken on your wedding day can be nerve-wracking.

Pre-Wedding Shoot - £295

  • Pre-Wedding shoot in location of your choice
  • Usually lasts around 2 hours
  • Photos from your shoot printed in a photo guest book
  • All of your photos to print and share as you like

The beauty of the pre-wedding shoot is that it addresses every concern that you might have. First of all, it proves to you that you actually look pretty damn good in photos, which of course leaves you more relaxed on the big day. To top it all off, you get a bunch of really nice professional photos of the two of you together!

The other bonus is that we get to spend a good wee bit of time together, so you can see how we work and get to know us a bit better – which just makes you so much more comfortable with us on your wedding day.

The photos are all yours, of course, to print and share as you see fit – we find that they can make really good “Save the date” cards, for example.

Your photo guest book

Our photo guest book is a real modern take on a classic!

We design your book using the best photos from your pre-wedding shoot, making sure we leave plenty of blank space too, so your friends and family can leave you messages telling you both how awesome you are.

We bring along your book on your wedding day, and we even throw in a Sharpie so you don’t need to worry about a thing.