House for an Art Lover – Glasgow
What’s that you say!? A real-life wedding, with real-life people!? Don’t mind if we do! Seriously, it’s fantastic to be back at work – and what better way to say goodbye to the lockdown than with Aileen and Mark’s long-delayed big day!

The girls were getting ready at the venue in the morning, and they have some fantastic rooms upstairs. It was great to be back in amongst that buzz again, you really can’t beat the feeling of anticipation and excitement the morning before the wedding! Meanwhile the guys were back at Aileen and Marks place, in Glasgow, with Ewan. This looked to be a bit more of a chilled-out affair, but none the less the guys all managed to turn up looking very dashing, a success!

The ceremony was very touching, and another one of those moments we’ve really missed over the last few months when we haven’t been out photographing and filming weddings. It’s great to see people all gathered together again to celebrate such an important moment in two peoples lives.

After the ceremony we were all able to head outside to enjoy the sunshine for a bit, which meant the masks could come off and everyone could just enjoy the ability to spend time with loved ones. Of course, we were happily darting about grabbing some great shots of everyone interacting.

House for an Art Lover really is one of our favourite wedding venues in Glasgow, with such stunning architecture and fantastic grounds, what’s not to like! Aileen and Mark were keen to get some pictures in a few of their favourite spots, such as on the grand balcony of the house and, of course the elephant! Naturally we were thrilled to be able to get all of these for them, along with a wee trip to the walled garden, which we always love to do with our couples 🙂

Soon enough it was time to head inside for a bit of dinner, and of course some speeches! The dining room at House for an Art Lover is really lovely with a huge long table as opposed to the normal separate ones, it’s really great for us as photographers!

It’s great to be back working again, even though it’s only been a few months since we last photographed a wedding, it feels like so much longer! Thanks again Aileen and Mark for giving us the opportunity to get back to it, and congratulations again on finally managing to tie the knot!

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