The Cruin
Wow, it’s been a while! Seven months since our last blog post! Where did the time go, and what were we doing!? Who knows, but we can tell you that it’s absolutely fantastically wonderful to be back photographing the weddings of our lovely couples!

Jen and Robert were the newlyweds today, and they were having their celebration at the Cruin. We always have a great time at this place, with the unbeatable views of Loch Lomond, and the amazing hospitality of the staff, nothing is too much to ask of them!

With things the way they are just now, there are a few restrictions in place (all for the safety of everyone involved!) so we weren’t allowed inside of the room in the morning where the girls were getting ready. Not to fear! Your intrepid photographers were able to shoot through the open French doors of the apartment, getting loads of fantastic pictures of the girls getting all their hair and makeup done.

Luckily, it was shaping up to be one of those rare, warm October days, with blue skies and a crisp autumnal breeze. This was awesome, as it allowed Jen and Robert to take the late decision to get married outside, meaning no covering up required for any of the guests, and a much more normal experience all together. Not to mention the spectacular scenery of the loch and the autumn trees!

After the ceremony everyone was really digging being able to be outdoors. With the lovely weather it was a rare treat, so everyone was just milling about on the terrace enjoying the day. With the slightly smaller numbers at weddings just now, we were able to make our way around all the guests really quickly, and then get some lovely shots of the happy couple around the Cruin estate. This left loads of time for Jen and Rob to relax and spend time with family and friends, before dinner time was upon us.

But before anyone was allowed to eat, there was the small matter of some speeches to be done! Everyone did an excellent job here, equal parts touching and hilarious! Especially our best man, who has to be singled out for some special praise. A new career in comedy beckons!

After all that, we still had time for one last thing. Autumn is our favourite time of year to photograph weddings. With the leaves on the tress turning all those awesome colours, and the very agreeable sunset time, we couldn’t resist taking Robert and Jen out for a couple of shots on the pier before we left them to the rest of their party.

It’s like we were never away! Seriously, what a day to welcome us all back! Robert and Jen, thanks so much for having us along, we really hope you enjoy all the pictures as much as we enjoyed making them for you 🙂

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