A Scottish Love Story: Emma & Ben’s Unforgettable Wedding at Brig O Doon

Emma and ben were married a few short weeks ago in the iconic Brig O’ Doon. First of all, they had a lovely ceremony in Alloway parish church before making the short journey across to the Brig O’ Doon Hotel for the rest of their celebrations.

About Brig O Doon

Brig O’ Doon, the epic (and a wee bit famous) wedding photography venue nestled in the heart of Scotland, is like a photographer’s dream come true. Seriously, we can’t help but get all giddy about the breath-taking beauty and romantic vibes that Brig O’ Doon brings to every couple’s special day.

Picture this: an ancient stone bridge, a charming thatched-roof cottage, and a serene riverside setting. It’s straight out of a fairy-tale, and we’re here to capture all the enchanting moments against this mesmerizing backdrop.

But wait, there’s more! Inside Brig O’ Doon, you’ll find stunning spaces that ooze elegance and class. From swanky reception areas to cosy nooks, every corner is a photographer’s paradise. We’re talking about snapping those jaw-dropping shots that’ll make you go, “Wow!”

And let’s not forget about the incredible folks at Brig O’ Doon. They’re always making sure everything runs like clockwork so we can focus on photographing and filming those priceless moments. They go above and beyond to bring the couple’s vision to life, and we feel honoured to be part of the magic, freezing those memories in time.

In a nutshell, Brig O’ Doon really is one of our favourite wedding photography venues that ticks all the boxes. It’s got that fairy-tale charm, mind-blowing scenery, and a team that’s got your back. As photographers, we’re over the moon to be part of the Brig O’ Doon experience, documenting all those incredible moments that’ll be cherished forever. Get ready for a wedding day that’s off-the-charts amazing!

But let’s rewind a minute. As we nearly always do, we were sure to visit Emma at her family home as she got prepared for the day ahead. Often wedding mornings can be a little hectic but there was a definite calmness in the house as the wedding grew nearer. Wedding mornings have a habit of absolutely flying by and Emma and Ben’s were no exception, so before too long it was time for us to head along to Alloway to catch up with Ben as he welcomed all the guests.

We have photographed and filmed a fair few weddings at Brig o Doon over the years and we always love it, it’s such a fab big wedding venue. This was our first time in the Alloway Parish church though so we really enjoyed photographing in a new place. We were there in plenty of time to capture footage of all the guests arriving and you could definitely feel a buzz in the air.

The service was held by family friend, Chris, so that ensured the ceremony was kept light-hearted and personal while still being a traditional religious sermon – a really nice balance!

The weather forecast was for a nice, dry, cloudy day, however, no sooner had Emma and Ben tied the knot the temperature started to heat up and we were all treated to a proper scorcher of a day. We’ve not had the best of summers so it was a real treat to catch some rays while photographing such a fab wedding.

We often bump into couples whose weddings we’ve photographed, so it was a lovely surprise to meet Jeanna and Dean casually chilling with their wee boy whilst enjoying the day. We could easily have just grabbed a drink and enjoyed the day too but we mustn’t forget we’re there to do a job 🙂 so it was time to crack on and get the formal family photos done. So this is our second wedding where we’ve taken a large group photo of ‘The Gang’, and we’re hoping there will be many more.

Before dinner of course it was time to do the speeches and we always love hearing about a couple’s backstory and what led to their wedding day. I’m not sure the speakers are always looking forward to speaking in front of 100s of people but we always like the stories and the guests’ reactions.

A wedding just wouldn’t be a wedding without a proper shindig in the evening, and this lot sure know how to enjoy themselves, just check out everyone loving a good old ceilidh jig.

Thank you very much for inviting us along to photograph and film your wedding Emma and Ben, we loved every single moment of it 🙂

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Fun. Candid. Real.

That’s what we think great wedding photography should be.

Together, let’s capture the good stuff. Those in-between moments, whether sweet, silly or heart-stopping. Let’s celebrate your love and get you all the memories of your day, just the way it happened.

As both photographers and filmmakers, we have the unique ability to create a stunning and cohesive visual diary of your celebration that tells your love story in a way that is timeless, authentic, and completely, unashamedly, all about you.

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Working closely together throughout the day, our style is unobtrusive and organic. Capturing the essence of your day without ever being in the way.

We blend seamlessly into the background, capturing the candid and saving the precious moments that make your wedding one of a kind. The raw emotion and natural beauty shine through, producing photographs and a film that remind you of how you actually felt on the day.

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