Brig ‘O Doon
We always love a trip to the seaside, here at Top Table. So, what better way to spend our Saturday than photographing the wedding of the lovely Catherine and Robbie down in sunny Ayr!?

The weather was looking great as we headed down the motorway to see the boys and girls getting ready in the morning, and when we arrived there was a real buzz of anticipation in the air as everyone got all the glad rags organized, and hair and makeup done too. There was even a bit of time for some picture on the roof, overlooking the seafront!

Soon enough it was time to get everyone down to the church. As Christians, Robbie and Catherine had decided to get married in their local church. This is always fantastic as it’s so personal for the couple, especially as the minister has known them both for so long. It was a wonderful ceremony, and we could definitely see a few tears in the congregation as Catherine and Robbie finally tied the knot 🙂

What wedding in Ayr would be complete without a trip down to the esplanade to grab some ice-cream! We totally agree (especially Ewan!) and we were thrilled to head over to Scoopalicious after the ceremony to grab some ice-cream and see some close family friends! As is often the case on a busy wedding day, we had to head down to the venue pretty quickly after the ice-creams, there’s not usually much time to hang about when the couple have so many people to see and places to be!

Catherine and Robbie had gone for one of our favourite venues for their reception, the famous and ever popular Brig O’ Doon. This is a fantastic place to celebrate such an occasion as this, and we’re always very happy to head back here whenever we get the chance. We had a real ball taking Catherine and Robbie around their favourite spots in the grounds, and of course to the famous bridge it’s self for some nice romantic shots.

There was also a real treat waiting for us later on at night too, the return of full volume music, from an actual band, made of actual humans!  Seriously, it was awesome to see this particular wedding tradition come roaring back after so long, and we’re really happy that all the great guys and gals in the bands are out doing what they do best once again! This was a fantastic end to an awesome wedding, and one we’re really happy to have been invited along to. Thanks again Catherine and Robbie, and we hope you enjoy all the pictures for years to come!

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