Westerwood Hotel
I had an awesome day with Katy and Tony, just a couple of weeks ago, and we were thrilled to be at a new venue for us too, the Westerwood Hotel, near Cumbernauld!

When I arrived in the morning to photograph all the girls getting ready it was clear that we were in for an amazing day ahead. Everyone was in high spirits and there was a real buzz about the place as I got all my equipment ready for the day ahead. Katy was having her hair and makeup done by a guest, who would be at the wedding later on in the day. This is always great to see and seems to really help everyone keep a lid on the nerves in the morning!

When I arrived at the venue, the sun certainly had not decided to put his hat on, but nevertheless the guests were all in great spirits as they headed inside, with many stopping for a quick snap as they went inside. Katy and Tony had decided to go for a Humanist ceremony which we’re always big fans of. They’re can be much more personal than some of the other options, which can only be a good thing! After a touching service, with a fantastic reading and excellent ring bearing duties both performed perfectly by friends and family, our couple were so happy to have finally tied the knot. Tony in particular looked absolutely chuffed, and why wouldn’t he be!

Once the ceremony was complete it was time for everyone to head out to the lobby area for some drinks and canapés and there was a little bit of time for me to grab soe family shots for the happy couple. The weather still wasn’t playing ball, so we opted to do the photos indoors, which made for a nice change. Luckily, the Westerwood has a great fireplace area, right there in the lobby, which makes for the perfect spot to do the group pictures when the weather is less than forthcoming. There are also a few really nice areas around the hotel for some nice romantic shots too, so we decided we’d have a few of those too! 🙂

All in all, this was a fantastic day, and we’re so happy to see Katy and Tony married, they seem like an amazing couple and we’re sure they’ll have many happy years together! Thanks again for having us along and we hope you enjoy all the pictures as much as we enjoyed making them for you.

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