Sherbrooke Castle Hotel
It’s our last wedding of the year! Actually, it’s our last wedding of the decade too! So, what better way to see out the 2010’s than with a fantastic couple like Joanne and Adam!?

A couple of years ago we’d been lucky enough to photograph Joanne’s sister’s wedding, at Cottiers, and we’re always really proud to be asked back to photograph a sibling or close friend’s big day. It’s such a huge compliment to be involved with the same family again and really is one of our favourite parts of the job.

We often go to see both the girls and the boys in the morning, which is one of the key advantages of having two photographers on your wedding day. So today I was heading over to the Brunch Club in Finnieston to meet with the guys. The food looked excellent (I’ll certainly be coming back for some in the future!) and the boys were having a great morning before getting ready for the day ahead.

After everyone was all dressed up and looking their best (including a rather lovely vintage sword for Adam!), it was time to head over to the lovely St. Peter’s Church in Partick for the ceremony. Joanne and Adam had chosen a catholic service for their ceremony, and it was great to be in such beautiful surroundings that really give proceedings the gravity they deserve.

Afterwards, it was time to run quickly to the carriages, as there’s no escaping the December weather here in Glasgow, and head over to Sherbrooke Castle for the reception to begin. Despite winter’s best efforts, we were able to head outside in to the grounds of the hotel to grab a few quick shots of the newlyweds – this was far more than we were expecting when we looked at the weather forecast in the morning, so we were two very happy photographers!

Once everyone had had a fantastic meal, along with some heartfelt, moving and funny speeches, all that left now was for the party to begin! It’s always great to see everyone let their hair down at the end of the day, and it’s only proper to celebrate the newly married couples’ special day with a good old boogie 🙂 Of course this is one of our favourite parts of the day for photography too, we really love getting some high energy shots of the guests on the dance floor, and this crowd didn’t disappoint!

We’re so happy to have spent our final wedding of the decade with Joanne and Adam, and we really hope you enjoy all the pictures and mini-movie of such a special day – roll on 2020!

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