We love all weddings here at Top Table Photography. Big ones, small ones, all types! But we do have a special soft-spot for the littler gatherings, so we were thrilled to photographing the wedding of Margaret-Anne and Philip at Oran More just a few weeks ago!

I arrived a good 45 minutes ahead of schedule, just to make sure I had a chance to speak to Pauleen, the wedding coordinator at Oran Mor. It’s always good to take 10 minutes before things get going, just to go over the game plan for the day, and make sure everything runs smoothly for the couple. After hearing all about the run of the day, it was time for me to head downstairs and make sure to get some good shots of all the guests arriving in their fancy outfits for the day 🙂

It was then that I ran into Phil, (looking dapper as I’m sure you’ll agree from the pictures!) and suggested we could go for a quick portrait at the top of Byres Road. I really love this spot – you get a lot of cars and lights and people around, but when it’s all faded into the blurry background of the portrait, it just gives a wonderful sense of the hustle and bustle of the city without distracting from the subject – perfect!

As it tends to, time was marching on, and soon enough it was time for the ceremony. Maggie and Phil had opted to get married in the upstairs mezzanine of Oran Mor, which is a lovely wee spot! It’s fantastic that such a large and cavernous venue also has a much smaller, more intimate space upstairs like this – perfect for smaller celebrations while still benefiting from the grandeur of the whole building. The ceremony its self was fantastic. The happy couple had decided to go for a humanist celebration, and all the qualities we love in this style of wedding were on display, with lots of love and humour throughout.

Afterward, everyone headed downstairs, into the grand hall of Oran Mor for some drinks and nibbles while I grabbed lots of candid shots of everyone relaxing and having fun. Of course, we had to head outside for a few shots with the newlyweds, and Maggie and Phil had managed to get access to the wonderful Glasgow University, which made me a very happy photographer! I love shooting at the Uni, it’s one of my favourite spots in Glasgow, so I was made up to be there again with the happy couple!

What a fantastic celebration of a wonderful couple! I had an awesome time photographing your special day, guys, and I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

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