Oran Mor – Glasgow
It’s fantastic to be out photographing again, especially at Christmas! And what better couple than Amy and Jordan? What better venue than Oran Mor!?

With the additional restrictions sadly coming in over the festive period, we were pretty sure it’d be a quiet one for us. After all, you’d have to be pretty keen to get married to do it without a reception and with all the other restrictions we’ve all been living with! Well, it turns out that Amy and Jordan were exactly that!

In the morning we headed to the boys and girls to photograph all the preparations. It’s always nice to be at people’s homes over the Christmas period, when all the decorations are still up and things feel really warm and cosy. After everyone was mostly ready, with hair and makeup all in place, Amy received a lovely gift from Jordan to commemorate the day, and there might have been a few tears too!

Right after this it was time to head down to Oran Mor for the ceremony. We’ve not been to Oran Mor in a wee while (we’ve not really been anywhere in a while, but that’s a different story!) o it was great to be back at one of our favourite wedding venues. Amy and Jordan were having their celebration in the mezzanine, which is absolutely perfect for smaller weddings! They’d opted to go with a humanist ceremony, which is always a nice choice as it’s so personal and warm, with just the right amount of humour too! Craig Flowers was todays celebrant. We’ve worked with Craig a few times before and he’s always excellent – totally focused on what’s best for the couple.

After the ceremony and with the brand new Mr. and Mrs. we all headed downstairs into the main hall. At this point there was definitely some pictures, and there may have even been a wee dance, and it may have been lovely, we can neither confirm nor deny this.

One thing we can still definitely do with our couples is have a wee socially distanced photoshoot, and as you can imagine we were very happy to do just that! Amy and Jordan were really keen to head over to Ashton Lane, to see if we could be there around sunset for the lights and luckily enough they were still on, despite all the bars being closed! This really was extra lucky as the lane was sooo quiet! Usually, it’s a real challenge to get a shot without people in the background but today it was deserted! We were able to get some fantastic shots as the sun was going down and that made us happy photographers!

Thanks again for having us along to your Christmas wedding, Amy and Jordan, we had a fantastic time and we reckon it shows in the pictures and video!

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