Lynsey +James’s Smashing Wedding

We’re thrilled to be back with one of our favourite weddings that we’ve photographed recently, and at one of our favourite venues too! So come with me, on a whistle-stop tour of Lynsey and James’s big day, at Oran Mor!

First things first, we headed around to see the girls and boys at the Grosvenor Hotel in the morning. It’s a really handy place to stay if you’re getting hitched in Oran Mor, as it’s just across the road. So, when the time comes, you can just take a quick stroll to get to you wedding – super convenient! Both rooms were absolutely packed with guys and gals getting ready for the day ahead. We decided it’d be best to split up, so we could grab pictures at the same time in both places, not to mention there was barely room for one of us, let alone both 🙂

Shortly it was time to take that stroll over to the Oran Mor that I mentioned! I always love shooting the guys walking across the busy junction at the top of Byres Road. Oran Mor is always a great place to tie the knot, and today was no different! The ceremony room was done out I the usual array of fairy lights and was looking marvellous. After a lovely ceremony and some well-earned bubbly and nibbles, we grabbed the newlyweds for some shots around the West End. The weather was determined not to play ball, but we just about managed to get to a few locations before the heavens truly opened! And luckily, we got some great photographs for them along the way!

Luckily that wouldn’t be the only opportunity we’d get to grab some fantastic pictures for Lynsey and James, as we were able to hear out later in the evening for some fantastic night photographs too. Shooting the top of byres road, with all the lights of the city shining in the background is a real favourite of ours!

It was absolutely smashing to be back at Oran Mor again, and doubly awesome to be shooting one of our favourite couples of the year, Lynsey and James. We had a fantastic day, all the way from the morning, right through to the crazy dancing at night. So all that’s left to do is say thank you once again for inviting us along to photograph your wedding leave you with some of our favourite shots of the day below.

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