A love story in the heart of the Scottish countryside.
Myres Castle Wedding Photography

What a treat we have for you today. With a couple that we’ve been waiting to photograph for a while, in a truly special part of Scotland in Myres Castle. This was a day we were really looking forward to, and we weren’t disappointed!

Myres Castle Estate, tucked away in the stunning Scottish countryside, is an absolute gem for couples looking for an unforgettable wedding venue. This place has it all – elegance, intimacy, and natural beauty that will make your special day shine like no other. As a wedding photographers, let us tell you, Myres Castle is a dream come true.

The castle itself is a sight to behold, oozing enchantment and romance with its regal architecture and rich history. From the moment you and your guests set foot on the grounds, you’ll be transported to a world of timeless beauty and wonder. Inside the castle, you’ll find opulent interiors, boasting exquisite details and elegant furnishings that make for breath-taking portraits and captured moments. And just wait until you step outside into the meticulously manicured gardens! The landscapes are like something out of a fairy tale – rolling green hills, blooming flowers, and serene lakes that create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for exchanging vows surrounded by nature’s embrace. As photographers and filmmakers, this place is a treasure trove of captivating backdrops that blend the castle’s majestic vibes with the irresistible charm of the Scottish countryside.

At Myres Castle, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a truly magical wedding day. The seamless integration of history, stunning architecture, and the splendour of nature sets the stage for an enchanting celebration that will leave a lasting impression on you, your partner, and all your loved ones. It’s a place where love takes centre stage, where dreams come to life, and where we, as wedding photographers and videographers, can bring out the best of your love story with every click of our cameras. Myres Castle is where unforgettable memories are made, where love and artistry intertwine, and where your wedding day becomes a masterpiece of joy and beauty.

On the day it was awesome to see them again, and doubly good that we were all pretty familiar with each other from the shoot the year before. The girls and guys were all getting ready in the castle which is just a fantastic environment to shoot in. The natural lighting and classic décor come across so well in pictures, we love it.

Time was marching on however, and soon it was the moment to head down to the ceremony in the apple store. Sarah and Johnny had decorated the place up beautifully with autumnal themes and lots of pumpkins really going so nicely with the turning leaves throughout the estate. It made for a wonderful backdrop as Sarah and johnny tied the knot in a touching ceremony. Having picked one of the few remaining days with excellent weather for their big day (great idea guys!) afterwards, everyone was able to head outside for some drinks and nibbles in the castle grounds.

Now, the grounds of Myres Castle are just as nice as the house itself, with so many options for pictures and filming and just a whole bunch of space for people to relax in. Of course, we had to take the newlyweds on a little tour of the grounds and visit a few of the favourite spots after the ceremony! But soon enough it was time to head in for dinner, and of course the speeches. Despite being a wee bit nervous, everyone did a fantastic job and with all the friends and family egging them on there were lots of laughs and a couple of tears too!

Once everyone hit the dance-floor, and we’d grabbed loads more great photos and videos of everyone throwing shapes it was getting to be late and time for us to head off. Wow, an amazing day, and one that we’ll remember for a long time to come! Have a look at these pictures and highlight video and we’re sure you’ll agree too!

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Fun. Candid. Real.

That’s what we think great wedding photography should be.

Together, let’s capture the good stuff. Those in-between moments, whether sweet, silly or heart-stopping. Let’s celebrate your love and get you all the memories of your day, just the way it happened.

As both photographers and filmmakers, we have the unique ability to create a stunning and cohesive visual diary of your celebration that tells your love story in a way that is timeless, authentic, and completely, unashamedly, all about you.

Myres Castle Wedding Photographer
Myres Castle Wedding Photographer

Working closely together throughout the day, our style is unobtrusive and organic. Capturing the essence of your day without ever being in the way.

We blend seamlessly into the background, capturing the candid and saving the precious moments that make your wedding one of a kind. The raw emotion and natural beauty shine through, producing photographs and a film that remind you of how you actually felt on the day.

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