Johnstone Town Hall
It’s always lovely to have a wedding ceremony in a big old church, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be photographing Lisa and Dean’s big day at Johnstone Parish Church just a couple of weeks ago!

First things first, it was 10am and time to head over to see the girls at Lisa’s parents’ house close by.  There was already loads going on already by the time I got there, with a couple of hairdressers working hard to get everyone ready on time. There was plenty of chatter and laughter which is always perfect for me in the morning and lets me get loads of great candid photos. After also getting some nice shots of Lisa’s dress in the summerhouse it was that time when I need to head along to the church and say hello to the minister.

It’s always a good idea to get a wee chat with whoever is conducting the ceremony before hand. I often find I get some other bit of information that helps me get better shots for the couple, and at the very least it’s nice just to make sure we’re all on the same page so that everything goes smoothly for them. Lisa and Dean’s ceremony was lovely and I was able to capture it all from the balcony of the church thanks to turning up early and talking to the minister beforehand.

Afterwards, it was a lovely day out in the grounds of the church, and I know better than to let some decent weather go to waste! So, I got straight on with grabbing some family shots and of course a few nice romantic pictures of the newlyweds too! Shortly after that we all walked the short distance over to the town hall for the reception. It’s a nice traditional set up, getting married at the local church, and then across to the town hall for the party, and one that I’m very much in favour of! They’d certainly laid on an impressive spread at the hall, and after some wonderful speeches from Lisa’s dad, Dean and his best man, it was time for everyone to get a well-deserved bite to eat!

Of course, no wedding is complete without a good old boogie, and this crowd were certainly not going to let the side down! There were some truly crazy shapes being thrown in all directions so I jumped around as best I could and got loads of great shots of everyone getting down and groovy. It was fabulous, much like the entire day to be honest, and it was once that I was really happy to have been invited along to! Congratulations again form me Lisa and Dean, and I hope you enjoy all the pictures as much as I enjoyed making them with you both! 

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