A love story in the heart of the Scottish county-side.

Gillian and Brian invited us along to photograph and film their big day at Harelaw farm at the start of June. It’s safe to say we were excited to capture the day, they’re such a lovely couple and a Harelaw Farm wedding is ideal for an unforgettable day.

We went along to the farmhouse in the morning to capture the build-up to the big day as Gillian and her bridesmaids readied themselves for the day ahead. The whole day was held at Harelaw farm so it meant there was a really relaxed atmosphere right from the beginning of the day.

First things first though, Harelaw Farm is one of our favorite venues is all about that rustic charm that makes a Harelaw Farm wedding so special. The barn, with its weathered wood and twinkling fairy lights, sets the stage for an enchanting ceremony and reception. It’s a timeless beauty that adds that extra touch of magic to your Harelaw Farm wedding day. Trust us, every corner of the Farm is meticulously decorated, from the elegantly adorned interiors to the meticulously manicured gardens. It’s like stepping into a wonderland built exclusively for your Harelaw Farm wedding celebration.

But that’s not all! The natural surroundings of Harelaw take your wedding to a whole new level of beauty. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the rolling hills, majestic trees, and vibrant flora that surround this extraordinary venue. It’s a seamless blend of nature’s artistry and the stunning architecture of Harelaw. As photographers, we can’t help but capture every moment against such a picturesque backdrop. Your harelaw farm wedding photos (and film!) will radiate with the romance and allure that the venue offers.

Soon enough Brian arrived in his surprise limo to welcome all of their guests to the farm and there was even time for a quick beverage before the ceremony. Time flies on a wedding day and before we knew it Gillian was walking down the aisle with her dad to meet an eager Brian. Humanist ceremonies always allow for a great deal of personalisation and Brian and Gillian had opted for a couple of fab Scottish traditions; a hand-fasting and drinking from the quaich.

There was plenty of time for canopies in the sunshine before getting everyone together for some group photos. Then possibly one of the highlights of the day was heading round the front to pet the lambs and big Heelan coos. Check out the video for one of them trying to much Brian’s buttonhole flower!

Speeches always provide great entertainment and seeing Brian’s brother gift him with the chute he’d always dreamed of definitely gave everyone a good laugh.

To sum it all up, Harelaw Farm is a really special wedding venue, and this was one of our favourite weddings of the year to photograph. It’s got that rustic charm, jaw-dropping surroundings, and Gillian & Brain were an amazing pair to work with, what more could we ask for!

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