Eagle Lodge
We had an awesome day photographing Kate and Brian’s wedding at Eagle Lodge just a couple of weeks ago!

In the morning we headed over to see the girls and boys as they were all getting ready for the day ahead. As is usual everyone was buzzing with anticipation for the day ahead, and the kids were also getting in on the action with the hair and makeup too.

Kate and Brian had decided to have their ceremony in their local Catholic church, with it being very important to their families, it’s always great to see these traditions being continued on down the ages. We’re big fans of the style of the more modern catholic churches, they’re usually nice and light on the inside and it works really well for our pictures, lending them a bright airy style that we can’t get enough of!

After the ceremony it was time for a few pictures outside the church, and of course we had to get the whole family together for these, including a certain very well-behaved dog! Shortly after this we all decamped to the reception venue, which was the fantastic Eagle Lodge! This is a venue that we’d never been to before, very rare for us these days! It’s a great place, with really nice grounds surrounding the main hotel building. We had a great time with Katy, Brian and the whole family exploring all the new spots around the place.

After all that fun, it was time to head inside for dinner and some speeches. We really liked the smaller private dining room at the eagle lodge, it’s perfect for a smaller wedding party (obviously that’s most of them at the moment!) and we loved the quirky, framed pictures that cover the walls from top to bottom. Everyone did an awesome job, but the best man’s speech was particularly hilarious and had everyone in stitches, especially when he pulled out a massive canvas print to commemorate a famous misadventure Brian had had in Thailand!

As the evening got started and the sun finally started to recede for the day, we spotted an opportunity for a really nice sunset shot, something we always try to do! Brian and Kate were up for it, and we’ve always got time for just one more shot so we went for it and got a great closing memory for the day. So, all in all an amazing day then, and one we’re very happy to have had the chance to photograph, thanks and congratulations again Katy and Brian!

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