Dunglass Estate
Welcome to a perfect day in one of Scotland’s most awesome venues. Welcome to the wedding of Claire and Murray!

I seriously love photographing at new wedding venues. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be in familiar places where I know the lay of the land and am already pals with the wedding organiser, but new places are just loads of fun! I’m a huge fan of discovering all the wee bits to shoot in and just generally exploring some of the opportunities each place presents. And in this regard Dunglass Estate, just south of Edinburgh, is an absolute belter. Seriously, you could come back here 10 times and still be finding amazing new spots to shoot in. But more on that later…

After a good look around in the morning I headed out to see the boys and girls getting ready. It was awesome to see some familiar faces from a couple of years back, and it’s always lovely to be invited back to family and pal’s weddings in the future. The girls were getting ready in their own big house, while the boys were in one of the cottages closer to the venue. I hopped backwards and forwards between the two, and got loads of great shots of the girls getting all dolled up and the boys even enjoying a spot of golf!

Murray and Claire had said that for them, the religious ceremony was absolutely central to their day, and honestly, what could be more important than the ceremony its self? Fittingly, they were getting married in a church, but what I didn’t expect was for it to be so spectacular! The collegiate church at Dunglass is a ruin, but it’s been sort of partially restored so that its roof is fixed and it has a good floor. The end result is really something to behold, and makes it one of the most special locations for a ceremony I think I’ve ever seen!

Afterwards it was time to explore some of the areas around the estate to grab some pictures and film with the newlyweds, and honestly I wasn’t even scratching the surface with the places I went to. You could come back here a good few times without ever repeating a shot, there’s really that much! As it was, we went to the church and played on the rope swing for a while, and then later we headed down to the wee lochan at sunset too, which was smashing!

I really had an awesome day and got loads of great pictures and film from the day. Take a look at these pictures and mini movie and I’m sure you’ll agree too!

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