It’s always a super early start when we head up to Crear to photograph a wedding, but it’s a trip we wouldn’t miss for the world, as this is a truly special spot to tie the knot!

As I headed up to Crear early in the morning the weather was looking great, but I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like out on the west coast. For those that are familiar with the west coast of Scotland, you’ll know just how unpredictable the weather can be out there, I’m not sure the forecasts are much use!

When I arrived at the house the sky was looking great – a good sign for the day ahead! The girls were all busy getting hair and makeup done and there was a really nice vibe in the house. It always feels a bit like a home away from home at Crear, which is a fantastic thing for a nice relaxed wedding.

As the weather was still resolutely smashing, Regan and Chris decided to go for it with an outdoor ceremony – and why would you not!? Seriously, if you’ve got the chance to get married on a hillside, overlooking Jura and Islay, then you absolutely go for it! It was a really lovely moment when Regan and her bridesmaids came out of the house to walk down the aisle, not to mention her canine friends, replete with rather fetching bow ties! 🙂

Once the ceremony was all done there was lots of time for everyone to chill out with a glass of bubbly and enjoy some of the very tasty looking canapés. While this was going on Regan and Chris, along with myself managed to sneak away for a few moments down on the beach. You’ve just got to head down there if you’re getting married at Crear. It’s absolutely amazing to walk along the beach to the wee ruined church on the headland, and the pictures you can het here with a couple are really unique, we love it!

They say time often flies if you’re having lots of fun, and so it was today as before we knew it, it was time to head back up to the house for dinner and speeches, before the real party could begin.

Soon enough it was time for me to call it a night, and let everyone continue to have an awesome time no doubt into the wee small hours. As I headed out on to the road for the long drive back home, all I could think was phew, what a fantastic day, and what an awesome couple!

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