Couple: Derek & David

Date:  31st March 2019

It feels like ages since I’ve last blogged – and it has been a while! With the festive season now behind us that can only mean one thing; back into the wedding season! It’s good to be back.


Derek and David were married just a couple of weeks ago at the Butterfly and Pig in Glasgow’s city centre. Having lived in Glasgow for a long time I had been here for food on more than one occasion, as I’m sure most of you have, but I didn’t realise it makes for a fantastic wedding venue too! It’s perfect for the smaller, more intimate, type of ceremony that Derek and David were planning.

After everyone had arrived and greeted each other it was straight on to the ceremony. I’m a sucker for a wee wedding like this, and I think everyone really feels connected to the ceremony and the marriage when it’s just a select few family and friends in attendance. Derek and David had also opted to go for the traditional hand fasting, and had made their knot themselves, filled with important memories from their time together so far.

After the ceremony, there was just enough time for me and the newlyweds to go and take a few pictures around the city centre and in the venue. I really liked shooting in the Butterfly and Pig, the Victorian architecture and the classical décor just come across so well in pictures. Not to mention the area of the city centre just outside!

What a fantastic wee wedding you had Derek and David and I had a brilliant time photographing it. Congratulations again to the happy couple!