The Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow
There’s nothing like a wee wedding to really set the festive season off we find! It’s fantastic to be out shooting in the part between Christmas and New Year, when everyone seems to be in a great mood and all the Christmas lights and trees are still on display!

After many, many delays, we were hyped to say the least to be finally getting to capture the wedding of Jamie-Lee and Connor. What’s more, they were having us along to do their video and the pictures together, which we always have a ball doing. We really think it makes sense to get these two happening alongside one another, and pays dividends when it comes to having just one company to liaise with in the run up to the day, and a cohesive style to everything you receive afterwards.

When we arrived in the morning, we were really amazed by how lovely the room was where all the girls were getting ready. I mean, we’ve been to the Blythswood Hotel before, but we always forget just how nice it is inside, really stunning! Naturally, the girls were a whirlwind of hair getting done, makeup getting applied and prosecco getting popped, so we just tried to keep up as best we could, happily snapping and filming away as everything happened around us.

Of course, there was an actual wedding ceremony to come, so before too long, we headed down to the bottom of the hotel to get set up for the main event. The room was decked out beautifully for the big show, with these absolutely amazing fairy light trees that we’ve never seen before, I think they were from Make Believe Events if memory serves!? With Katie MacDonald the humanist taking the reins, we knew it was going to be a special celebration, and we weren’t wrong – she always delivers a huge amount of the enthusiasm and passion that the event deserves, and today was no exception!

From there it was time to grab some pictures of all the friends and family that had gathered for the big event, not to mention a few special shots of Jamie Lee and Connor together around the hotel. Being the 30th of December, it was just a little bit chilly out, but fear not! Luckily, the Blythswood is one of the best spaces we can think of to be stuck inside, so we happily set about grabbing all sorts of great stuff for the pictures and highlights move.

This was one of our favourite weddings of the year, and definitely a fitting way to sign off from a busy 2021! Thanks again for having us along Jamie-Lee and Connor, and we hope you enjoy all the pictures and film for years to come!

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